Decided to make a huge guide, which tells almost everything you can find in CorruptionX, telling you what to get, where to get, and small tips to every skill, high level monster guides and more!
Before we begin, be sure that you have checked ::rules. You have been warned. Refer ::commands for more commands.
Also ::stone for a PKing stone, you will need it to attack a player. It costs 1,000,000GP.

Credits for pictures: RuneScape Wiki,

                                  • Table of Content.
                                    1.0.1 - Shops
                                    2.0.1 - Training
                                    2.1.1 - Magic
                                    2.2.1 - Prayer
                                    3.0.1 - Skilling
                                    4.0.1 - Money Making
                                    4.1.1 - Merchanting
                                    4.2.1 - High Level Monsters
                                    4.2.2 - Barrows
                                    4.2.3 - King Black Dragon + Dragonfire Shield
                                    4.2.4 - Saradomin GWD Monsters


1.0.1 - Shops
You start at the Grand Exchange, in Varrock. Here you can find various shops. The first shop on your right, to the East, is Thessalia. If you decide to leave, you can always get back here using ::home or Home Teleport from the Ancient or Normal Spellbook. The Lunar Spellbook teleports you to Edgeville.

Thessalia sells various skillcapes.
She has almost every cape for the
skills you can train in CorruptionX.

Next up is the Armour Salesman. He is selling ranging gear for all your needs.
Get your basic ranging gear from here.

This guy is selling the ranging
gear for every level. You can
buy Handcannons, Crossbows,
and all sorts of armour from him.

After the ranger guy, you can spot a prayer altar.
You can use this to regain prayer, of course.
Apart from the altar, you will see Gaius to the north.

Gaius is an armour salesman. He has various Runite and Strength Boosting Armor, including Neitiznot Helm and Dragon Boots.

Gaius is one of my favourite
salesmen. He has almost
everything I need for some
pking trips. I just love him.

Here comes the PKing supply guy, Herquin. Herquin sells various scimitars, weapons and food + potions.

Herquin is the PKing salesman.
He sells food, potions, and
many pking and fighting
weapons + items.

After Herquin, you will see a Magically Amazing Zaff.
Zaff is famous for his staves and armour.

Zaff is the magic salesman.
He sells staves, mystic,
lunar, infinity and wizard
items for every mages needs.

Fancy-dress Shop Owner is selling also some various items.
He has epic afro and some prayer stuff for the skillers/pures.

Fancy-dress Shop Owner
sells Ghostly, Black Ele,
Cavalier and Mask, God
Robes and Afros.

Between Fancy-dress Shop Owner and our salesman is Duradel.
Duradel is a Slayer Master, who will give you tasks.
If you get a hard task, reset is with ::resettask command.
Now we can continue to the last salesman, the Shopkeeper.
Shopkeeper has various skilling items.

Shopkeeper is almost the last salesman.
This guy sells herblore, fishing,
firemaking, crafting, mining and
woodcutting items. He is my 3rd
favourite guy. He's the guy with the hood.

Last but not least, Pikkupstix sells Summoning Reagents.
And no, he doesn't sell Charms.

Pikkupstix is the ultimate
guy if you want to train
summoning. He sells many
reagents for many pouches
and also sells pouches.

2.0.1 - Training
After you have bought your gear, it's time to head to train yourself up.
I recommend starting at ::crabs. If you don't want to kill them, you can use ::npclocations for other various mob areas. You will see those rock-shaped mobs, and there are many ppl killing them. Rock_Crab.png

You can train here as much as you want to.
It is also possible to move to bandits later on, which I totally recommend. There are a few players and you will get easy experience there.

2.1.1 - Magic
To train magic, you can select 'Auto-cast' on any spell. You do [B]NOT[/B] need runes to cast spells. So stack up with food and forget the runes. Start by casting wind strike on your mob and use the highest spell you can to gain the maximum experience.
To gain Ancients, teleport to the altar by using the command ::ancient
Same goes for Lunar, ::lunar.
If you get level 94, you can use Vengeance, which will reflect damage on enemys hit.

2.2.1 - Prayer
Talk to the Summoning Reagents Seller, and buy Wolf Bones.
You can use thise to rise your prayer higher.
Later you can just use Dragon Bones if you got enough cash for that party.

3.0.1 - Skilling
As you maybe have noticed, CorruptionX is not something we call a PKing Server, not at all.
But let's continue to skilling. Everybody loves to catch a fish and chop some logs, than set some logs to fire that form a Swastika, or something unique. Well I will be giving a few tips to some of the skills.

There are plenty of trees in Varrock, just walk South until you see some trees.
You will get 15 in no time.
There are also some Oaks to the south, not far from the Trees.
Maples are located in Camelot, get there by ::woodcutting and than walking towards Camelot.

Nothing much, clean Marrentills until you reach 99. Fastest.

Keep clicking the log for maximum profit.
The other obstacles are not as good exp as this.

4.0.1 - Money Making
Everyone propably wonders how to make a nice pile of cash to their banks.
Wonder no more, as I will tell you the many ways to get some cash.

4.1.1 - Merchanting
First of all, I will be using example items.
You will need at least 2M depending on the item
your going to merchant.
But let's move on.
Let's say, you want to merchant Redberry Pies.
You buy the Pie for 1M and can sell for 2M.
Than you can buy 2 Pies for 1M each, and sell for a
total amount of 4M. And it goes on...

4.2.1 - High Level Monsters
This is the part where we take care of the high level
monsters. Some of them are easy to kill, some take
a little skill and levels.

4.2.2. Barrows
Recommended: 80+ Combat, Prayer Potions,
43+ Prayer, Possible Food.
Barrows, you will not need a spade.
The brothers are standing at the area.
You can get there with the command ::barrows.
You can kill any of thise brothers, but I suggest
to start at the lower levels if your low level.
Ahrim and Karil hit with melee, so use melee protect.
Every brother drops diffrent barrow items.
Verac drops verac, karil karils and so on.
If you do not get a barrows item, you will get charms
and bones.


4.2.3 - King Black Dragon

Everybody remembers dieing at King Black Dragon in RuneScape.
Now it's time to slay it in CorruptionX.
King Black Dragon, or KBD for short, is a level 276, 3-headed guy
who lives at my basement, ::kbd. He knows how to pk, that's why
you should keep your hitpoints up, he can use 'dclaw special'
sometimes while your in the cave. He will also hit 20+ with his lame
attempts to use ice barrage. All in all, he sucks hard, but drops good
and valuable stuff, like Dragonic Visage and Dragon Halberd.
KBD might drop some charms for the people who like to control animals.
- 37+ Prayer for Protect from Magic, use this for the whole time.
- Food to keep the health up...
- 70+ Hitpoints
- A Friend or Two.

Tactics: Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

Dragonfire Shield
If you were lucky/wealthy enough to get Dragonic Visage, here's a quick tip on how to
make the actualy shield.
Dragonic Visage
Anti-Dragon Shield
Just simply click on the Visage and attach it to the Shield.
No Anvils or anything needed.

4.2.4 - Saradomin GWD Monsters
Thise little creatures like to share their Saradomin
items to loyal players. Saradomin Sword is one
item that they usually drop. They also drop GS
shards and money.
- 43+ Prayer
- Food
- (Super Set)
There's an altar, no prayer potions needed.

You should kill Growler the most, as it has been
recorded with the most SS drops. He looks like
a lion.
Bree also drops items, but Starlight is bugged.


By Nude.