Nude here, introducing yet another guide, this time a Complete Hybrid Guide for those ppl who do not yet know what is hybrid, or how to hybrid.

Definition of a Hybrid: A hybrid uses a combination of melee, mage, and range to fight opponents in the wilderness.

So, what I am basically going to teach you, is what items you should have while hybriding and teaching you some of the basics of this awesome way of pking.

Let's begin with the inventory. This is for beginners, and why not experts.
As there are no Saradomin Brews, we will be using only Manta Rays.
Other items are Super Set, Stone of Power, Prayer Potions and hybrid weapons.
Let's continue with the gear. Normal gear what hybrids use, mystic robe and bottom with neitz helm, and some extra cape and possibly d boots and gloves. More Skilled hybrids use Mage gear when maging, than switch quickly to range or melee gear.

Actual Hybriding.
Have your gear and inventory, and head to pking.
I can't really explain how to hybrid, but I will show you some videos that have hybriding in them, so it will give you very many tips.

Good luck.