Firemaking is the second hardest skill to train in CorruptionX, Slayer being the first.

To obtain supplies for firemaking, use the command ::buttfuck, or ::home using the Home Teleport spell in your Regular and Ancient spellbooks, excluding lunar because Lunar's home teleport teleports you to a Hookers House.

Trade Duradel, do not talk to him, that's for Blow Jobs.

The other NPC (Needle-Penis Collectors) that sells logs for Firemaking would be the Shop Keeper, next to Duradel. He may be glitched, at the moment, he is selling Viagra for 50% off. Hit him up.

Ps, that shit works.

Level 1:

Regular Logs

Experience: 250

Cost: 38 Coins

Level 15:

Oak Logs [1]

Experience: 342

Cost: 51 Coins

Level 30:

Willow Logs

Experience: 433

Cost: 8 Coins

Level 45:

Maple Logs


Cost: 30 Coins

Level 60:

Yew Logs


Cost: 452 Coins

Level 75:

Magic Logs


Cost: 1,314 Coins